Our Members

Afghan Student Union

promotes awareness and understanding of Afghan culture and bringing the Afghan-American community together at Virginia Tech.

African Student Association

works to enlighten the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities about Africa and bring awareness on several issues.

Albanian Student Association

None Available

Aljaliya Al-Sudaniya (Sudanese Student Organization)

serves to foster awareness, understanding, and the growth of Sudanese culture on campus while bringing the Sudani-American community together at Virginia Tech.

Arabic Language Club at VT

is a non-profit student organization that works on enhancing awareness of the Arabic language heritage, and culture.

Association of Bangladeshi Students (ABS)

serves to bring together the Bangladeshi community at Virginia Tech and the surrounding areas.

Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at VT

is organized to help its members to familiarize themselves with the American academic and cultural environment, to protect its members against various possible injustices, to facilitate the mutual helps within the community, and to promote cultural communications with other communities and cultural groups.

Bengali Students' Association

aims for promoting Bengali Culture through different cultural programs and thus aim to increase cultural diversity in the campus.

British Club

hosts discussion of various cultural and historical British events. We celebrate British culture by drinking tea and eating scones and work to broaden the horizons of many students.

Caribbean Students' Organization (CaribSo)

aims to share the varied and unique cultures of the Caribbean with the Virginia Tech Community, and facilitate the gathering of Caribbean people attending the university.

Ethiopian Students Association

aims to foster an inclusive environment to all Ethiopians and those of Ethiopian descent.

French Cultural Club

None Available

German Cultural Club

None Available

Students Association

None Available

Indian Students Association

is a platform for displaying the rich and varied culture and heritage of India as well as encourage students to integrate within the American way of life.

Iranian Society at VT

promotes and shares knowledge of Iranian culture among students, faculty, and staff

Korean Student Association

works to spread Korean culture to as many people as possible. The organization encourages people of all cultural backgrounds to be a member.

Latin American and Iberian Graduate Students Association

works to promote the diffusion of Latin American and Iberian culture by promoting cultural and recreational activities, cultural exchange and mutual support.

Malaysian Students Association

connects and gathers Malaysian students or anyone interested in the Malaysian culture.

Middle Eastern Student Association

maintains a strong diversity at VT by unifying students interested in bringing cultural awareness of the Middle East to campus.

Nepalese Student Association

unifies members of Nepalese community at Virginia Tech and also educate others about Nepali culture.

Pakistani Student Alliance (PakSA)

helps and assists current Pakistani students to achieve their academic objectives and bring them together.

PERMIAS (Indonesian Students)

consists of Indonesian students who seek for excellence in education and Indonesian families.

Saudi Student Club at VT

organizes cultural events that show the American society Saudi Arabia as a country, society, culture, and religion.

SIA (South Asian and Indian Culture)

dedicates itself to connecting people through the arts and cultures of Asia.

Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP)

is a group of passionate people hoping to bring awareness to VT's campus about the current situation in Palestine

Students Helping Honduras

Through youth empowerment and education we believe we can end both extreme poverty and gang violence in the most dangerous country in the world.

Taiwanese Student Association

None Available

Thai Student Association at VT

promotes understanding and friendship among members, Virginia Tech and other college communities through intellectual, cultural, social, and athletic activities.

The Moroccan Club at VT

None Available

United Arab Emirates Student Association

promotes the United Arab Emirates' customs by arranging dinner, gaming events, holiday celebrations, and cultural dialogues.

Turkish Student Association

is a social and cultural organization created to promote awareness about Turkish culture at Virginia Tech.

Vietnamese Community at VT (VietTech)

is a social and cultural organization whose goals are to educate others about Vietnamese culture in addition to creating strong bonds between members and other organizations.